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    E-Dock: E-Pro 4 Docking Station


    Another world first from E-Lites!

    The E-Dock is an exclusive and stylish desk-top docking station which stores and charges your E-Pro4 case. The perfect home for your beloved Pro pack, the E-Dock utilises the power cable from your existing E-Pro4 kit to connect through a USB outlet or your G9 wall charger.

    We have spent 8 months developing this amazing device, with a glass top (don't forget to remove the protective film layer) and soft touch finish to the sides it exudes luxury and perfection.

    Truly an iconic and beautiful way to keep your Pro pack power levels topped up whilst creating a permanent home for your pack.

    Let's face it, it may as well be charging on your desk rather than hiding in your pocket!

    Please note, this product is only compatible with the E-Lites E-Pro 4 Starter Kit.

    Orders will be dispatched within 48 hours.

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